GFD®Pilot – Small Scale, Big Difference

The GFD®Pilot Nutsche Filter Dryer carries out solid-liquid separation processes at kilolab and pilot scale. It facilitates feasibility and proof of concept activities developed during smaller scale research and development stages and provides the opportunity to progress and refine operations.

In spite of being a small filter-dryer, it still ensures the same high quality, reliable and efficient filtration and drying procedures that full size PSL ANFD filter dryers are well known for.

GFDPilot Nutsche Filter Dryer

Features and Benefits

The GFD®Pilot is a complete filter dryer engineered for research and development processes compliant with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). It enables users to conduct various, interconnected processes in a single, convenient system. These include:

  • Slurry filtration (solid-liquid separation)
  • Product washing (removing impurities or collecting filtrate)
  • Re-slurry
  • Vacuum drying
  • Product sampling
  • Product discharge

At PSL, we understand your product is valuable. Therefore, maximising your product yield to remain competitive in your sector is vital. The core features of the GFD® are designed to address this crucial requirement.

Upon process completion, your product batch can be easily collected by simply removing the unique filtration basket from the GFD® vessel.

Additionally, the GFD® basket is designed to allow quick and easy changeover of filtration meshes with various pore-sizes and materials (Polypropylene, PTFE, 316LSS, Alloy 22, etc.), hence facilitating multi-product applications.

The GFD®Pilot is an innovative ANFD that enhances production flexibility. The base frame and motors of each GFD®Pilot model are compatible with all available vessel materials (i.e. borosilicate glass, 316LSS, Alloy 220).


The GFD® Pilot is mounted on a mobile frame to allow integration with various upstream process streams.

The frame has been designed as compactly as possible to allow integration within fume cupboards and walk-in laminar flow booths.

When scaling up to the operational volumes available with the GFD®Pilot, the use of organic solvents in chemical and pharmaceutical processes often means hazardous area considerations must be taken into account.

To overcome this, PSL offers alternative agitator drives suitable for such environments with the appropriate certification, for example, ATEX and NFPA.

Additionally, the use of pneumatic motor drives also allows to keep a compact design.

When higher operation pressures are required, metallic versions of the GFD® Pilot are available. These are designed and manufactured in accordance with the Pressure Directives of the place of installation. PSL can deliver “U-Stamp”, PED and SELO certification.

Being one of the early pioneers of containment technology, PSL has developed the unique FilterBox isolator range which can accommodate all vessel types of the GFD®Pilot.

By opting for a GFD® FilterBox, you can rest assured that your workforce is safe-guarded from the most toxic/hazardous compounds and that your product is protected from harmful production environments.

PSL can also provide integration packages with/for third-party containment providers.

Applications and Options


GFD® Pilot Brochure

GFD Filter Dryer Brochure Cover
Nutsche Filter Dryer Agitator Close-up

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