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PSL is a centre of engineering excellence in the design and manufacture of filter dryer systems used in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and oil and gas. Our range includes agitated nutsche filter dryers and unique benchtop filter dryers.

The Trusted Specialist in Solid Liquid Separation

PSL’s Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers (ANFD) are internationally renowned for their quality design, developed to efficiently wash and isolate solids even within the most complex synthesis processes and challenging production environments.

Our filter dryers provide optimum levels of safety and quality and can be manufactured to comply with various industry practices (cGMP, GAMP, etc.), directives (ATEX, etc.), regulations (21 CFR Part 11, etc.) and initiatives (PAT, etc.) from industry regulators such as the FDA.

Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers - Sizes in GFD®Lab Range

Scale-up and Minimise Time-to-Market

PSL’s Filter Dryers are helping hundreds of manufacturers around the world to bring their products to the market faster.

Our unique technology enables reliable production scale-up and is designed to overcome traditional product development issues such as batch reproducibility and product uniformity. Our filter dryer technology is available to suit all levels of production to meet client requirements.

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Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers

What is a Filter Dryer?

A Filter Dryer combines two processing steps within a single piece of equipment. Firstly, solid-liquid separation is carried out, also known as filtration. The second step is to dry the collected solids.

In the majority of cases the solid is the product of interest but filter dryer technology can also be used in processes where the filtrate (liquid) is the valuable product. It is also possible to retain both the solid and the filtrate, if required.

The Main Characteristics of a Filter Dryer

  • A fully sealed vessel which can be pressurised or put under vacuum.
  • A bi-directional agitator within the vessel with a height-adjustable blade. This usually operates at fairly low speeds to ensure the product is not damaged.
  • A filtering element at the base of the vessel, usually mesh.
  • Temperature controlled zones including heated jackets and in some cases a heated agitator.

ANFD are a mainstay in fine chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Find out why with this brief overview of ANFD technology.

Nutsche Filter Dryer Agitator Close-up
SimpleFilter Dryer Pilot-Scale - 600x600
ANFD Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer

Enhanced Functionality

The Agitator within Nutsche Filter Dryers provides superior performance over traditional methods such as Buchner Filtration and Tray Dryers by offering the following features.

  • Preventing heavy build-up on the filtration screen by keeping the product in motion in order to keep a rapid filtration rate.
  • Maintaining efficient pressure filtration by smoothing the top surface of the wet cake.
  • Providing homogenous drying throughout the batch by gently mixing (ploughing) powder.

Unrivalled Containment Expertise

As an early pioneer of containment technology, PSL enhances its filtration and drying solutions with unique high-containment systems.

Many industrial filtration and drying processes require integrated containment technology in order to protect operators from highly toxic compounds and/or to protect sensitive products from the production environment. PSL containment systems can be integrated to allow end-users to complete a large range of process operations such as product sampling and product discharge while protecting the product integrity and maximising product yield.

PSL offer a range of containment solutions for integration with our filter dryers. Selection is based on the containment performance requirement and/or organisational preference for either rigid containment or flexible/disposable solutions.

Filter Dryer with Containment

Industry Testimonial

The PSL filter-dryer continues to serve us well. It has become a workhorse here in Research Triangle Park. It certainly has provided us with years of reliable service!

Dennis Crowe - Synthetic Chemistry, GSK, North Carolina, USA