Quality Management System

World-Class Quality Management

At Powder Systems Limited, we pride ourselves on the quality, accreditation and performance of all our products. As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited business, our quality policies are routinely inspected by industry authorities, customers and our own internal audit team to ensure our business is meeting the strictest industry standards to assure compliance with cGMP, national and international regulations.

Our senior leadership team fully supports regular reviews of our quality management performance. We also proactively engage with our customers to ensure we always deliver the highest value to their businesses.

ISO 9001 - 2015 Certificate 40762. Powder Systems Limited.

Quality Standards & Communication

Manufactured to the Highest Quality Standards

PSL products are designed to the highest levels of safety and quality and are manufactured to comply with various industry practices (cGMP, GAMP, etc.), directives (ATEX, etc.), regulations (21 CFR Part 11, etc.) and initiatives (PAT, etc.) from industry regulators such as the FDA.

Continuous improvement is the axis of our business and we systematically follow a Quality-by-Design (QbD) approach to develop our product range in collaboration with the relevant industry partners.

Excellence in Project Execution and Documentation

Equipped with extensive experience in pharmaceutical drug manufacturing as well as other process-related industries, PSL Project Teams are ideally placed to facilitate the successful execution of the most challenging projects.

We strive to keep excellent communication standards on all our global contracts despite often working across multiple time-zones, in a wide range of cultures and languages. Additionally each of our Project Managers regularly generates Manufacturing Reports during the project to keep quality communications with all stakeholders. These reports typically include photographs of PSL equipment from design to assembly and testing stages at our factory in the UK.

Earning Trust

At PSL, earning the trust of our stakeholders is paramount to how we run our business. Everything we do is aimed at creating a sustainable future for our colleagues, our customers, our suppliers, and the local communities in which we live.

Our Colleagues

We promote PSL’s core values of respect, integrity, collaboration and communication to our team and are committed to empowering them to reach their potential, valuing their contributions and prioritising their health and safety.

Our Customers

We develop long-standing partnerships with our customers and understand and satisfy their requirements. Our focus is to provide a superior customer experience, supporting our clients to deliver better end-products to their patients and consumers.

Our Suppliers

We build long-term relationships with our suppliers and value their contribution to our business. We are committed to behave ethically and honestly at all times with our supply chain in order to achieve mutually beneficial relationships.

Our Community

We provide our employees with rewarding and meaningful employment. We are proud that the combined contribution of our team enables people to live healthier lives around the world.