The Centre of Process Excellence (C.O.P.E.™)

C.O.P.E.™ is a hub for innovation and collaboration. Based at PSL’s headquarters in Liverpool, UK, the main focus of the facility is to provide a creative, cutting-edge space for process development, where engineers and manufacturers can generate, develop and progress new approaches to production, side by side.

At PSL, we provide our industry partners with more than just process hardware. We realise that manufacturers are increasingly looking to equipment suppliers for integrated solutions as they think holistically about their process and visualise future production scale-up.

By opting for our C.O.P.E.™ services, our industry partners can rest assured that they will receive high-performing PSL production equipment that is fine tuned to their unique process. Our hands-on approach and passion for finding the best solution will help deliver projects successfully and solve the toughest problems – together.

Scientist Explaining Pharmaceutical Process Services in Laboratory

A Place of Collaboration and Innovation

Drug development and Manufacturing 

We believe that the future of drug development and manufacturing has never been more exciting.

Staffed by an experienced team of process engineers, C.O.P.E.™ is a place where industry partners can come together to test, optimise and troubleshoot their processes side-by-side with our technical experts.

Our C.O.P.E.™ Lab is designed to enable manufacturers to run their specific process in a non-GMP manner hence offering the flexibility to troubleshoot and exploring new process concepts in a separate facility without impacting their actual production line. It will offer an intermediate step towards successful drug development and ultimate commercialisation.

Scientists in Laboratory

Finding Real-World Solutions to your Process Challenges

C.O.P.E.™ recognises that every process is different and there is no template approach. Likewise, we also believe that there are different ways on how exactly your specific process objectives can be achieved.

Whether you come to our Lab to overcome scale-up issues, increase your product yield, gain more production flexibility or enhance your product quality, we can walk with you on your development journey and help you solve your challenge together. Additionally, you can visit the C.O.P.E.™ Lab to learn about best practices and techniques through our training activities.

Scientists in Laboratory

Inspiring the Next Generation

At C.O.P.E.™ we are always interested in welcoming scientists and engineers to explore the next generation processing technologies and solutions together.

We recognise that pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as other process-related industries, must become more efficient and agile so that it can better react to new market demands and trends.

We equip our industry partners with the building blocks helping them achieve their specific production objectives and enter the next era of manufacturing… together.

Scientists in new Process Development Laboratory