The PSL Serve support team deliver tailored aftercare services and technical support, worldwide. Once our equipment leaves our factory, the journey doesn’t stop there as we ensure there is a smooth transition into production and will advise on the ongoing support options available.

We offer our customers planned maintenance contracts and can supply a wide range of approved spare parts. We value all our clients and continuously strive to provide customer service excellence.

Full Installation Services

Whatever the size or value, the integration of a new piece of equipment is often tied with other site works, improvements or other machinery. It is important therefore to be accompanied by a team of skilled PSL technicians who will ensure your equipment is handled with great care. From unloading, to on-site transport and positioning in the specified location, our experienced team will support you. Re-assembly of critical parts and final installation is completed in order to prepare the system for qualification phases.

Aftercare Services - Equipment Installation
Aftercare Services - IQ/OQ Qualification

IQ/OQ Qualification

PSL equipment can form part of a much larger process line so it is essential that the key features, characteristics and functionality must be tested in-situ. Commissioning new equipment is critical for any organisation which is why we offer full documented Installation and Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ).

These services can also be applied to used PSL equipment that has been out of service for a long time, moved sites or re-purposed. Custom qualification and validation services can also be supplied for customer use.

Global Remote Support

Although the IQ/OQ Services generally mark the handover from PSL to their partner for the project, we will continue to support your organisation throughout the equipment’s life cycle.

Latest technologies in IT and communication facilitate remote support. This means it is an integral part of our equipment, allowing timely diagnosis of product performance. The PSL Serve team can make a secure connection with the system from overseas offices to identify any issues and activate corrective actions. If on-site attendance is necessary, PSL Serve will guarantee a response time for a trained product expert to attend.

PSL Service plans that provide 24-hour remote service within guaranteed timelines are available. Contact our team for more details by emailing

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Maintenance parts for PSL equipment

Preventative Maintenance

Some of our industrial partners have in-house maintenance teams for routine servicing. It is reassuring to know however, that you can rely on support from the original manufacturer to carry this out on your behalf. PSL’s team of experts are readily available to provide routine and specialist maintenance support, as required.

PSL Serve offer preventative maintenance schedules that can be completed during wider plant shutdowns. These schedules also address special conditions and rates for emergency breakdown coverage.

Consumable parts such as filters, gaskets and bellows, which all require periodic replacement, can be included in these plans. PSL is all about transparency therefore, during the sales process, prospective customers are provided with maintenance and spare parts pricing information.

Consumables and Spare Parts

Availability of spare parts is often the most neglected area when considering new equipment when it is indeed the most critical.

We will help you identify which are the consumables and critical components of your equipment in order to keep a healthy inventory and minimise your production’s downtime in the event that a part requires changing. Stocking Plans at PSL for spare parts can also be established.

Contact a member of the PSL Serve Team to discuss your requirements. Call +44 (0) 151 448 7700 or email

MSR MicroSphere Refiner showing Vessel
MSR™ Microsphere Refiner
  • Agitator Bellows
  • Agitator Double Mechanical Seal
  • Metallic Filtration Mesh Baskets/Zones
  • Belt Drive Arrangements
  • Spare PLC Modules
Agitated Nutsche Filter-Dryer (ANFD)
  • Agitator Bellows
  • Agitator Double Mechanical Seal
  • Metallic Filtration Mesh Discs

  • Belt Drive Arrangements
  • Spare PLC Modules
Containment Options
  • Glass Windows
  • Gloves
  • HEPA Filters
  • Extraction Fan
  • Spare PLC Modules

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