Accelerate Your API Production

July 24, 2023

Ready-built Production Filter-Dryer with Discharge Isolator

PSL’s Agitated Nutsche Filter-Dryers (ANFD) are internationally renowned for their robust design developed to perform efficient solid-liquid separation at various commercial scales.

Everyday PSL’s unique Filtration & Drying technology is assisting hundreds of pilot and production facilities around the world to reliably manufacture and bring their products to the market faster. PSL filter-dryer systems are used in a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and precious metals.

About this Agitated Nutsche Filter-Dryer (ANFD)

  • Ready-built and Available for Purchase Immediately

  • cGMP Compliant; “U Stamp” Pressure Directive; Hazardous Area Compliant

  • Ideal for Pilot Plant and Commercial Production
  • Exclusive Features include Automatic Base, Flange provision for PAT, Product Sampling

  • Equipped with a High Containment Discharge Isolator

  • Optimum Chemical Resistance (Vessel in Alloy c22; Seals in FFKM)

  • 0.25m² Surface Area; 200L Operational Volume; Maximum Product Cake of 75L

Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer Side View

Does this equipment fit your needs?

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