Speakers Announced for Microsphere Summit 2023

February 21, 2023

Patient receiving an injection demonstrating importance of Biodegradable Microspheres

The Microsphere Summit is being held over 2 days in Liverpool, UK. It is an event that highlights best practice and advancements in technology in Long Acting Release (LAR) injectable drug development and production. It features presentations from leading industry experts, practical sessions, and workshops.

Delegates are invited to attend Day 1 and/or Day 2, with the full schedule and registration details available here. The event is the perfect opportunity to hear from renowned international speakers and to network with industry peers, academics and specialist equipment suppliers to the pharma industry.

29th March – The Conference

PSL is delighted to once again host the Summit. Our speakers will share their expertise on the topics listed below and in our event Programme. All the speakers, along with the PSL team will be available during networking breaks to answer questions and expand on what their respective companies deliver and/or their individual expertise.

Corbion Logo

Polymer selection for long acting injectables; and quality-by-design consideration

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Tuning your sustained release with microfluidics
Microsphere creation by microfluidics: from feasibility to clinical scale in one step

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Microsphere Production Control Through the use of Dynamic Imaging Technology

Tracy BioConsulting Logo

Long-Acting Injectable Product Development: Lessons Learned

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Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges of Sterile Microsphere Drug Production
The Benefits of Freeze-Drying Microspheres

30th March – Microsphere Insight Training

The 2nd day of the Summit will be divided into 2 sessions. The morning session comprises 2 interactive sessions delivered by PSL. In the afternoon session will take place at PSL’s Centre of Process Excellence (C.O.P.E.™) where 3 separate Workshops will be held. Transport will be provided to/from the city centre.

Morning Session

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Process Training Part 1
Achieving Efficient Microsphere Filtration

Process Training Part 2
Designing a Microsphere Process Suite

Afternoon Session

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Workshop 1 – C.O.P.E / PSL
MSR™ Microsphere Refiner Vessel Overview & Cleaning Good Practice

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Workshop 2 – Emultech
Microsphere Creation by Microfluids

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Workshop 2 – JM Canty
Microsphere Filtration and Particle Size Analysis

For more details email summit@powdersystems.com or check out our webpage here.