Stainless Steel Vessels for Nutsche Filter Dyer and MicroSphere Refiner

May 25, 2022

Patient receiving an injection demonstrating importance of Biodegradable Microspheres

Our Liverpool HQ is as busy as ever. Great to see another two vessels arriving for our highly skilled team to begin work on.

To ensure our products meet the specific requirements of our clients, mechanical assembly and field wiring work will be commencing soon in preparation for the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

We are proud to deliver high quality, fit for purpose solutions to our customers, underpinned by the great work our technical experts provide.

Foreground: 0.125m² MSR™ Vessel for Microsphere Formulation

PSL’s microsphere technology enables drug developers to address aseptic processes with their microspheres at various scales. The MSR™ MicroSphere Refiner is unique in that it offers an all-in-one solution, developed after in-depth analysis of industry challenges over many years. Understanding the importance of microsphere processes ensures the MSR™ is continually refined and engineered ensuring this state-of-the-art solution continues to meet client requirements.

Vessel sizes for the MSR™ are determined by product cake volume (process dependant), maximum liquid volume and overall dimensions of the equipment.

Background: 0.6m² 316L Stainless Steel Filter Dryer

PSL’s Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers use unique technology to wash and isolate solids in the most complex chemical synthesis processes and challenging production environments primarily for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.

These filter dryers offer many advantages such as reliable production scale-up, batch reproducibility and product uniformity.

Vessel sizes for the commercial production ANFD range depend on the filtration area, filter cake volume range and height, along with the maximum liquid volume required.

For R&D and pilot scale phases, we also offer the GFD® Lab and SimpleFilter™ Nutsche Filter Dryer options.