What are Microspheres used for?

January 10, 2022

The delivery of drugs to patients is one of the most central parts of the pharmaceutical industry. The specific method of drug delivery can have a significant impact on a drug’s effectiveness and applicability in biomedicine. Innovations in improving the efficacy and safety of drug delivery methods include the development of the microsphere.

Microspheres are ideal for small molecule drug delivery systems (DDSs), but what is it that makes them such a powerful force in drug delivery?

This blog post will provide a brief review of the advantages of a microsphere as a DDS, as well as how microspheres maximise control of the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to a patient over a span of time.

Microspheres floating above man holding syringe

What Makes Microsphere Formulation so Attractive for Drug Delivery Systems?

A successful drug delivery system must not only deliver the drug at the right dose but also to the intended target of the patient’s body and with proper timing to ensure maximised therapeutic effects. The microsphere is an attractive system for drug delivery because it is made out of biodegradable polymers that won’t harm the body and can hold a diverse array of drugs that can be delivered to the patient through a simple injection. Furthermore, a microsphere can ensure the controlled delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients, making it an attractive procedure to biomedical scientists and healthcare professionals.

While microspheres have been difficult and expensive to manufacture in the past, leading companies such as Powder Systems Limited have designed innovative technologies that transform the formulation of the microsphere as a drug delivery system.

How Microspheres Ensure Controlled API Delivery Over Time

A major challenge the pharmaceutical industry faces is how to deliver appropriate doses of drugs over time. The microsphere, a controlled release DDS, offers a solution to this obstacle that conventional methods of drug delivery do not address.

Microspheres provide controlled drug release over time because they are manufactured out of different types of degradable polymers that, when injected, react with the patient’s biological microenvironment to release a specific amount of drug. As a polymer erodes over weeks or months, the drug is released into the body at controlled rates. Thus, it is very important to consider the type of polymer, as well as various characteristics such as molecular weight, composition and final size of the polymer product when manufacturing microspheres.

Pharmaceutical companies looking to enhance DDSs may benefit from implementing microspheres in novel drug delivery design. However, it is vital that the aforementioned characteristics are fully considered to ensure production does not succumb to common manufacturing pitfalls.

Microspheres with Powder Systems Limited

The Powder Systems Limited team has developed the MicroSphere Refiner (MSR™) to enable microsphere manufacturers to overcome challenges in the production process, including problems with filtration, drying, reproducibility and sterility.

With decades of experience, Powder Systems Limited can help improve microsphere formulation at all stages of various clinical and commercial applications with innovative MSR™ technology. Browse detailed descriptions of our products, services, and solutions. Or, if you would like to learn more about microspheres and their pharmaceutical applications, please reach out to a member of our team as soon as possible, and they would be happy to help.

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